In order to help people find their place in sport and increase customer satisfaction, INTERSPORT asked us to help them unlock valuable O2O journeys across multiple markets, that would consistently meet and exceed customer expectations and provide always on insight into ever evolving behaviours.


We aimed to unlock genuine value for customers through a seamless and valuable blend of immersive in-store, category expert interactions and digital transactions, that would provide personal guidance, products and interactions that would guide them to their place in sport.

To make our vision actionable, we outlined clear chapters to deliver value over time. Not only did this allow for flexibility (if we see changes in customer behaviours), but also sets clear metrics for each chapter to evaluate ongoing success.

  • Building the foundations – Work with select markets to define pilot experiences that align to brand principles.

  • Powered by – Take learnings from chapter 1 and scale across key markets, localising where necessary.

  • Personalised by – Here we will focus on components that can be centralised like data, marketing and in-store technology,

  • Connected by – Now we focus on expanding pilot experiences and finding new ways to elevate customer experiences.

Chapter 1 – building the foundations

  • First we defined business objectives. These objectives helped guide the pilot experiences. Then we defined customer mind states to help us uncover audience motivators and barriers.

  • With a clear view of the motivators and barriers to address, we used them to create MVP experiences and test and learn strategy. This helped drive hypotheses and key metrics. With key metrics in place, a measurement framework was set up to track performance and measure behaviours across markets

Chapter 2 – powered by

  • Then we packaged Pilot experience and Identified scale markets. Using pilot data we aimed to identify mechanisms to influence behaviours. Then we worked with scale markets to implement pilot experiences.

  • A measurement framework was implemented to identifying behaviours and track performance across markets. By looking at data across all markets we were able to identify valuable behavioural triggers.

Chapter 3 – personalised by

  • We used learnings from pilots to identify new experience opportunities and areas for optimisation.

  • In order to help implementation of centralised solutions across some reluctant local markets, we focused on common customer behavioural patterns and how we were able to sift the

Chapter 4 – connected by

We identified gaps in services using collected behavioural data and business objectives as a guide. This allowed to to online an omni-channel service innovation plan. As a part of the innovation plan we identified partnership opportunities to elevate experiences.

Increasing customer satisfaction